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Tennessee COBRA Laws

Here is an easy to read and understand review of the Federal and Tennessee COBRA laws. In this five page document you will find specific details and timelines for who is eligible, when their benefits begin and how long they will continue. You will find details on; 

  • Covered employees and plan coverages
  • Continuation periods for different situations and events
  • Qualifying events for employees, spouses and dependent children
  • Notice requirements and timelines
  • Conversion rights and more

Click here to download the Tn COBRA guide  

COBRA Administration Flow Chart  COBRA Questions tennessee Answers

This three page flowchart will walk you through different events, situations and questions to lead you to the answer of how COBRA will work in different situations. COBRA is very complicated depending on the scenario and this flow chart will help you find the correct answer to your question. 

Download the COBRA Flow Chart here


FMLA - Family Medical Leave Act

Tennessee FMLA laws

Employers can provide employees with various types of paid or unpaid leave as part of their overall compensation package, including vacation time, personal leave and sick leave. While employers ave some flexibility when it comes to establishing or negotiating employee leave policies, federal laws(for example the Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA) require covered employers to provide employees with leave in certain situations. State laws also oblige employers to provide certain types off employee leaves. 

In addition to federal leave laws, Tennessee has employee leave laws regarding:

  • Jury duty leave;
  • Voting leave; 
  • Volunteer firefighter leave; 
  • Volunteer rescue squad leave; 
  • Military leave; and
  • Maternity leave.

This employment Law Summary includes a chart that provides a high level of Tennessee's employee leave laws, and suggests compliance steps for Tennessee employers. 

Download an overview of Employee Leave Laws

Federal FMLA vs. TN FMLA Laws






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