Child only medical policies in TN

Buying an individual health insurance policy for your child(ren) can save you money and improve benefits.

child only health insurance individual policy save moneyOne of the unintended consequences of health reform was that you could no longer purchase a health insurance policy on just your child or children. Beginning on November 15, 2014 "child only" policies will once again be available and will allow many hard working families to reduce their health insurance costs. Here is how: Most group policies have one rate for child or children, no matter how many children are on the plan. An employee with one child pays the same rate an someone who has five children.  

Now you can purchase a single individual health policy that is guarantee issued with no pre-existing conditions, and it will include dental and vision benefits. This is the same (or maybe better) policy you have through your employer, but you only pay for the number of children you are covering. This could save a lot of money each month for families with just one or two children. 


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