Small group | TN Health Reform Toolkit

Tennessee Small Group (2-50) Health Reform Toolkit

This 32 page guide gives you all the information necessary to not only understand the new rules but help you navigate the Tennessee group health insurance options. Yes the new rules are complicated and ever changing, we want to give you the most up-to date information available. Here is a brief summary of what you will find inside our toolkit. 

Each section contains an executive summary, an action checklist and list of supporting documents we have available if you have questions or need additional information on a particular subject Even if your company is not located in Nashville, the information will still pertain to you and your situation.  Click on the header or photo to download our toolkit. 

  1. Plan Design and Coverage Issues; 2014 and Beyond  
    1. Annual Limits
    2. Limits on cost-sharing
    3. excessive waiting periods
    4. pre-existing conditions exclusions
    5. Comprehensive benefits coverage
    6. FSA's, HRAs and Cafeteria plans
    7. Nondiscrimination for fully-insured plans
  2. Employer Obligations
    1. Additional Medicare Tax
    2. High cost plan excise tax - Cadillac Tax
    3. Employer reporting of health coverage
    4. Employer penalties for not offering coverage (large groups)
    5. Automatic enrollment (large group)
  3. Notice and Disclosure Requirements
    1. Notice of exchange
    2. Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)
    3. 60 day notice of plan changes
    4. Form W-2 Reporting (large group)
    5. Wellness programs
    6. PCORI fees
    7. Reinsurance fees
    8. Health insurance provider fee
  4. Plan Design and Coverage Issues: Prior to 2014
    1. $2,700 contribution limit for HSAs
    2. Preventative Care Services
    3. Dependent coverage to age 26
    4. Patient Protections
    5. Rescissions

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