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Friday, 26 October 2018
Welcome Oscar Health Insurance to Nashville

We have a new group health insurance product in Middle TN beginning January 1, 2019. Oscar Health who last year partnered with Humana to give small employers a new "high tech" option for health insurance is now a stand alone carrier. While Oscar looks like a traditional health insurance company on the outside, they do everything possible to break the mold of the traditional carrier and hope technology and customer service will reduce costs and improve satisfaction. 

Oscar's main interface is through their cell phone app. On the app you can look at claims and find a doctor but you can also make a doctors appointment and more importantly talk with your personal representative who can assist in finding the right doctor and appointment. Their "talk to a doctor" feature is easy, seamless and free on most plans. 

Most middle TN hospitals are in the network and they are adding more doctors on a weekly basis. For a new carrier the local network is quite strong. Here again, the work somewhat differently in that you do not have benefits if you go out of network. That is something you should not take lightly and be sure to do your homework before seeing a new provider. 

Premiums are regulated by the state and are community rated just like the other carriers in the under 50 employee small group market. You have many different benefit options and premiums are lower than many of the other carriers. There are no pre-existing conditions as these are ACA compliant plans. 

Oscar Health is available in middle TN only. If you have employees who live outside of this area or are traveling out of state you can access the Humana CHC network which is a great national network of doctors and hospitals. 

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Posted on 10/26/2018 2:14 PM by David Moore