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Wednesday, 29 April 2020
Telehealth is booming

I wrote a post several months ago that telehealth is where online banking from your cellphone was 10 years ago. People did not understand how it could improve their lives saving time and money. It seems COVID-19 has opened many peoples eyes to the convenience and simplicity of talking to a doctor from your home or office. With the high cost of seeing a doctor along with the amount of time it takes, telehealth can allow providers to see many more patients at a lower cost as well. 

There are many convenient care clinics across Tennessee that can diagnose the same basic healthcare issues. Many of these facilities are staffed with nurse practitioners rather than physicians. When you have a telehealth visit you are talking with a licenced doctor who can give you guidance, a treatment plan and call in a prescription if that is deemed necessary. 

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee "BCBST" is reporting that telehealth visits have grown by nearly 2000% in the past year. Last year from March 16 - April 14 there were 3,900 telehealth visits, this year more than 71,000. We are strongly encouraging our group health insurance administrators to share the word with their staffs about the convenience this service can give them during this challenging time. 

Here is the Tennessean article referencing this information. 

Posted on 04/29/2020 8:40 AM by David Moore